Binge Drinking Saves Teens Life


tequilaTeens and drinking is supposed to be bad news, but the parents of a thirteen-year-old California kid are thanking their lucky stars that their son downed eight shots of tequila on a dare last spring.

When Evan Hamilton was rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, doctors found he was suffering from a brain tumor.

It’s a tumor his parents told CBS they likely wouldn’t have found otherwise – the eighth grader wasn’t showing symptoms of the mass that’s since been completely removed. He’s still using a feeding tube to eat and depending on a breathing machine at night, but he’s been given a clean bill of health by the doctors – with a proviso that he stop in for an MRI every six months to track any growth in his brain.

The alcohol didn’t cause the tumor, nor did it find it. But next time your kids do something incredibly stupid simply because they’re a kid, keep this one in YOUR brain when your deciding whether to flip out on them.

Image: shrk via flickr

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