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youtubeThe winners of the Birth Matters Virginia competition for short videos on “Evidence Based Maternity Care” have been announced. They got 40 entries, which is impressive, I think, given the amount of work that goes into making something like this. And it means 40 more videos about birth and maternity care on YouTube, which is no bad thing, though I was told when I went to watch the winner than it had been “flagged” by users, which may limits its views. (Or might increase them. Who knows.)

I watched the top three:

First prize:
Prevent Cesarean Surgery, Ragan Cohen (California)
I’m not sure why they couldn’t have put “unneccessary” in the title to forestall the almost certain blowback, but it’s good to see the risks being described and hear from women who’ve done both.

Second prize:
The Nature of Natural Birth, Laura Alvarez (Wisconsin)
More of a “this is what home birth looks like” video than an exploration of evidence-based maternity practices per se, but a nice one.

Misconception, Becky Carey (Virginia)
Interesting exploration of how women often go into birth thinking it’s like on TV—dramatic, awful, and quick. Other stuff too, but that was my favorite part.

Here’s MisConception:

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