Bizarre Bush Billboard [Morning News]

bizarre-bush-billboardDid everyone see the bizarre Bush billboard? (And can you say that ten times fast?)

Basically, there is a billboard with a picture of George W. Bush and a message — ‘Miss me yet?’

The existence of said billboard was considered about as likely as that of Bigfoot, but Yahoo! News says that the billboard can be found on Interstate 35 near the town of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Questions abound. What does the ad mean? And who paid for it to be there?

Yahoo! News quotes Mary McNamara of Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising as saying that “The ad was purchased by a group of small business owners who wish to remain anonymous.” BUT! (dramatic music here) “Some of the people in the group who paid for this were Obama supporters.”

Personally, I thought it must have been an anti-Obama ad, which is what Cindy Erickson, the chairwoman of the loca Democratic Party, told Yahoo! News.

Really, though, what I wonder if why anyone would spend real money — billboard ads are rarely cheap, and certainly aren’t free — on such a weird ad. Even if someone paid me $100 million to perform in Las Vegas, this isn’t what I would spend my money on. And what could possibly be the goal of this thing? If the folks who placed it wanted to remind people that GWB wasn’t exactly GW, maybe they could be more, I don’t know, clear? (That’s George W. Bush and George Washington — yes, it’s less clever when I feel the need to explain myself.) And if the ad is meant to say that Obama stinks, so don’t you miss Dubya… well, that can’t possibly be what it means, could it?

Ah, whatever. What else is going on in the world?

Jurors need to stop Twittering whilst they are deciding the fate of whomever happens to be on trial. Amazingly, they needed to be told this. Official jury instructions: You may not communicate with anyone about the case on your cellphone, through e-mail, Blackberry, iPhone, text messaging, or on Twitter, through any blog or website, through any internet chat room, or by way of any other social networking websites, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube. Yikes.

Can anyone explain to me why what happens in Greece is causing such a hullaballoo all over the world? I mean, no offense to the Greek. As a crazy boss I used to have once said (to a wealthy shipping magnate, I might add), I love their food. But I keep seeing headlines like UPDATE: Greek PM: Doesn’t Plan To Seek Help From IMF -Report. Or UPDATE 1-Greece needs psychological, political support -PM. So… Greece needs a therapist? Is this like Mars needs women?

What is the profit margin for Apple on the iPad? A company called iSuppli says that number is $483 per unit. This is based on ‘a very literal breakdown’ of the cost of each part of the Pad. iSuppli asks that you trust them, even though they can’t spell. (They didn’t actually say that, but it’s kind of implied.)

And Kim Kardashian tells People magazine (actually, it’s PEOPLE — all caps) that her boyfriend, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush ‘waited his whole life’ to win a Super Bowl. Reggie Bush is 24 years old and has not lived up to the hype that was surrounding him out of college. Good for him, glad the Saints won, and nothing against Mme Kardashian. That said, this proves once again that the reason she is on television is not because of her trenchant take on current events.

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