Blah, blah, blah... Enough With The Words Already


According to WordPress, there are over 56 million blogs as of today. WordPress users produce about 500,000 new posts on an average day. Assuming an average of 400 words per post… that’s 200,000,000 words new words a day — just on WordPress. That’s a lot of words. Is it too many? Are we word-saturated?

This is one conclusion I come to when I witness the excitement around new social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and Jux. Not only are they new and provide delicious, irresistable eye-candy but… gasp! I don’t have to read!

Perhaps it’s just that my attention span has been thus reduced to the length of an average caption. Although I straddled the 30-minute sitcom era and the three-minute music video generation, I can’t deny that the last five years online may have degenerated my brain’s ability to focus down to the two-second Tweet.

I don’t think I’m alone. As Janice said, most blog posts are never actually read. They are scanned:

We write for the web — for the give-it-to me-now-I-have-twenty-tabs-waiting crowd. These readers are consuming content fast and they need copy that is written for speed.

The new platforms are pushing this trend even further. They’re putting their eggs in another basket: Dazzle your audience with pictures. Sure… you can use titles — the less words the better.

Oh yeah, have you seen the new kirtsy site?!?!

photo credit: Henry Lohmeyer

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