Blissdom Announces New Format in 2012


Yesterday, Alli Worthington posted the new tracks and format of Blissdom 2012. Alli is the co-founder of the conference designed “for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online.” It’s held annually in Alli’s home town of Nashville and will be held there again for the fifth year on February 23-25, 2012 at the Opryland Hotel.

The buzz around the social media watercooler is that Blissdom 2012 is going to be a departure from the past so the announcement has been much anticipated. What’s new and different about the 2012 conference? Here’s what it says on the web site:

BlissDom 2012 is breaking down every construct and changing the game. Gone are panels of familiar bloggers. Gone are isolated Wisdom Workshops a day before the conference. Gone are every excuse to not only dream dangerously but excuses to not take action on your dreams.

So there!

Instead of the same old, same old, the conference organizers have been hard at work breaking molds. The result is an innovative, more intimate structure around four key topics: Business, Writing, Life Development and Photography.

Each 90 minute session will consist of three parts: Presentation (30 min), Small Group Mastermind (30 minutes), and Discussion Q&A (30 minutes). The photography and writing sessions will also incorporate a hands-on workshop component.

Whenever an individual or an organization makes changes, there’s always a risk. And I see so many people going down the “If it ain’t broke…” road. But the only way to innovate is to be willing to let go of the tried and true. And considering that Blissdom is all about making leaps and taking risks to grab your dreams by the tail, I’m encouraged and impressed that they are willing to walk the talk.

photo credit: Hannah Braboy