Blockbuster Teams Up With DISH Network -- Watch Out Netflix!


Nice move.

It’s not just the mom bloggers that noted Netflix’s epic fail. Blockbuster leaped at the chance to grab back some market share from the company that has all but destroyed the brick-and-mortar movie rental industry.

On October 1, Blockbuster Movie Pass was added to DISH Network’s subscription-based service, both as streaming video and discs by mail (DVD and Blu-ray). This means 3,000 movies that can be streamed to DISH network boxes, 4,000 movies that can be streamed to a PC, and 3,000 games via mail or Blockbuster brick-and-mortar shops. DISH subscribers will also have unlimited in-store exchanges.

So for all of you broken-hearted Netflix subscribers, here are the details: Blockbuster Movie Pass is an additional $10 per month with any existing DISH Network subscription. New subscribers can get Blockbuster Movie Pass free for one year after subscribing to the America’s Top 200 programming package or greater starting at $39.99 per month (but only for a new 24-month commitment established between October 1 to January 31, 2012).

The movie pass is also included for three months for new DISH customers who subscribe to America’s Top 120 programming package. After the promotional period, it then starts at just $10 per month. Access to the subscription streaming movie service requires a DISH Network HD DVR.

photo credit: stock xchng