Blog Inspiration Can Come From Inside


I’m in that place. You know, that place where every blogger has been — where dinner simmers slowly beyond recognition, where the laundry pile outnumbers the clothes you have in drawers, where emails with three exclamation marks are gradually but assuredly sinking below other emails with three exclamation marks, and where the blinking cursor winks at you surrounded by white.

And yes bloggers, the interwebz are a great resource of ideas for what to post next on your blog that just like your children, need to be fed a consistent diet of relevant, witty, and insightful posts. But between the doctors appointments and grocery store and everything else, who has time to check the multiple streams and “Write about the best of _____” or “Create an instructional video.” Those things would require planning ahead, no? Instead of looking outside for inspiration, try going inward.

Start with a feeling. What are you grateful for today? Or, if you’re not feeling particularly grateful, how did you feel today and why? Push yourself to your edge — where you feel vulnerable or actually pause a moment before you hit publish. That pause is often a sign that whatever you’ve written contains a seed of something really true.

I think of my favorite blogs, the ones that really, really touch my heart like this woman here and this one here. They can make everyday ordinary moments — something as simple as a morning ritual, truly magical by infusing them with feeling.

And so can you. Inspiration can come in the small, seemingly insignificant details of life. This is why you’re a blogger. Because you have stories and want to tell them. And when you share them, you find that there are countless others who connect with you on those feelings.

photo credit: stock xchng