Blogger CONFESSION: 7 Things I Should Do that I Don't!

mom-blogger-confessionOkay ladies — confession time:

Do you have a list of things that you know you SHOULD do, but you don’t?

You may try to do those things on your list. You may even do them sometimes. But, the truth is, most of the time, you just don’t.

I resist organization. (Well, more than just resist.)

And I have a list of really important things that I should be consistently doing, but I am not.

Blogger CONFESSION: 7 Things I Should Do that I Don’t!

1. Keep records of all my passwords

There are different methods of keeping track of passwords. My twin sister and co-blogger uses RoboForm — a password and form management utility for Windows, in our office for our e-commerce stores.

If you are Mac, you can use the very popular password management system 1Password. 1Password is now available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

I had RoboForm on one of my previous laptops, but I haven’t installed it again.

So, instead of having a safe password management system keeping me organized, I am constantly hitting the “forgot my password” link.

2. Keep my inbox folders and labels updated and emails sorted

After April Perry wrote about how to manage email like an expert, Susan got very organized with her personal Gmail accounts, as well as the 5 Minutes for Mom email accounts.

I started to tackle my personal Gmail account according to April’s suggestions, but I have far from mastered it. I do use more folders and filters now, but my inbox is still a dangerous place.

3. Stick to our editorial calendar

We have become much more disciplined with our 5 Minutes for Mom editorial calendar — but personally, I need to get more of my own posts added to the calendar, (and keep up!)

Angela England has a great post on How to Use Editorial Calendars Effectively in Blogging if you are interested in making editorial calendars work for you.

4. Sort and follow up with business cards and contacts after conferences

As Cecily wrote in a post here on MomCrunch about making the most of networking opportunities, it is important to have a system for organizing the business cards you collect at conferences.

I always PLAN on following up with all those business cards and contacts after conferences. But generally I only manage to follow up with a handful of key ones.

The reality is, coming home from a conference means that I am exhausted, my family has missed me, and I am behind with work. In the post-conference blur, I never seem to sort the majority of those cards.

After BlogHer11, Susan tackled her business cards with CardMunch — and I planned on tackling mine. But… yes… you get the idea.

5. Keep all important contacts info filed and in my iPhone

Why oh why do I not add contacts as I get them?!? Why do I do this to myself?

If I entered all those business cards with Card Munch, and entered new contacts as I met them, oh how easy my life would be. I am going to do this, I am! Really — I AM!

6. Have posts scheduled and ready to go 1-2 weeks ahead of publish date

I sometimes get ahead of the game. And wow does it feel great to have posts written, ready to go ahead of schedule.

But more often than not, I am up writing posts till 1am and scheduling them to go live in mere hours.

Yes, being so organized that our posts are ready and waiting — I think that is a dream for most bloggers.

7. Turn off Facebook, Twitter, and Skype when I am writing posts

While I was writing this post, an offline friend of mine replied to a Facebook message I had sent her earlier today. I immediately answered, as the “ping” caught my easily misdirected attention.

She was shocked by my instant reply, “Whoa…you’re fast…like a FB-Ninja!”

Nope, just a blogger who can’t turn off Facebook.

Sometimes, I will be disciplined and turn everything off. But mostly, I just end up working all night long when everyone else is asleep!

So, there you have it — my dirty blogging secrets.

Yes, the truth is, my days (and nights) are crammed and I don’t always keep as organized or disciplined as I should.

What about you? What are your secret bad habits?

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