Blogger Partners With Designer To Raise $ For Postpartum Depression


jammiesinajarBloggers and brands have worked together for years, but Katherine Stone’s announcement this week that she’d partnered with a fashion designer to raise funds for her non-profit is a different animal.

Katherine posted the news on her site, Postpartum Progress a site dedicated to helping mothers (and fathers) that suffer with postpartum depression. You can hear how excited she is about the partnership.

A dream of mine is coming true today — a dream to help even more women with postpartum depression — thanks to a woman by the name of Hélene Lauré. When you learn about what is happening today, I hope you’ll be as over the moon as I am, Warrior Moms. It’s an exciting day for all of us.

Hélene Lauré is a French fashion designer with extensive experience that decided that with the Jammies product, she wanted to do more than simply sell quality products. She happened to meet Susan Stone (no relation to Katherine), a woman that’s been fighting for mothers to get the help they need with postpartum depression. Susan, in turn, introduced Hélene to Postpartum Progress. Thus the idea for the partnership was born.

Shortly thereafter, Jammies Long Johns in a Jar was born. A whimsical idea for a baby gift item evolved into a cause-related business that will support mothers and babies afflicted by Postpartum Depression.

For each Jammies’s Jar sold, the company will donate 10% of profit to Postpartum Progress, an outstanding non-profit organization created by another very inspiring woman –Katherine Stone.

I have no doubt that the jammies will sell. They are utterly adorable, and as you can see, are packaged in a jar. Obviously they are the perfect gift for a new mom not just because they are adorable and beautifully designed, but because they are the first product designed to help new moms that are struggling.

Congratulations, Katherine and Hélene!

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