Bloggers Share Their Proudest Posts [Part I]

Nichole of In These Small Moments said it best, “Blog posts are like kids — too hard to choose [a favorite].” Amen to that, sister.

While reviewing the titles of all 536 posts on my blog, I instantly recognized the titles published with pride, vulnerability, and bravery. How could I not, the deep stuff sticks. If I had to choose a proudest blog post, I’d choose Today I Quit My Job where I detailed the long journey toward quitting a job that never suited me in favor of my family, who always has.

I know you’ve blogged in the wee small hours of your quiet house while everyone you loved slept soundly. You shared the details of your painful past, your hopes for a brighter tomorrow, and the desperate fear that comes along with gratitude for how far you’ve come. You’ve blogged drunk, through tears, deep sobs, and blurred eyes. You’ve blogged in fits of anger and hovered over the “publish” button. You’ve told the truth. You’ve celebrated personal victories and felt the loving embrace of online support. You’ve cleansed your soul through writing.

I asked the blogosphere to share their proudest posts and share they did! In fact, the response was so great I’m breaking up the Proudest Post series into two parts.

Today I share Part I, 17 posts from bloggers who shared their stories with bravery and pride.

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    "I think it would be the post I wrote about losing my sister... I think it was just one of my best pieces, and it was the most healing blog post I have ever written... EVER!"
    Favorite blog post: I Just Want Her to be Free
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  • In These Small Moments 2 of 17
    In These Small Moments
    "This is perhaps my favorite because it shares such an intimate part of my life."
    Favorite blog post: Obituary
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Momsituation 3 of 17
    "[This is my favorite post] because it honors my amazing son and his birthmother."
    Favorite blog post: On the Day You Were Born
    Image credit: Momsituation
  • My So-Called Sensory Life 4 of 17
    My So-Called Sensory Life
    "My very first post on My So-Called Sensory Life is the one I'm most proud of b/c in writing it, I redefined my life by taking the first brave step that pushing "publish" does and I would never be where I am today if I didn't start blogging."
    Favorite blog post: You Can't Always Get What You Want...
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Lily’s Big Adventure 5 of 17
    Lily's Big Adventure
    "Almost 1 year after adopting Lily, we got to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. We're so proud of her."
    Favorite blog post: 3 x 21: Our Favourite Number
    [Photo credit: Lily's Big Adventure]
  • Dawn Fry – Sleep Teacher 6 of 17
    Dawn Fry - Sleep Teacher
    "Helping families reduce their anxiety helps their baby too!"
    Favorite blog post: A Compassionate Approach to Caring for Babies
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Tragic Sandwich 7 of 17
    Tragic Sandwich
    "I like this post, about balancing Christmas traditions from two different families."
    Favorite blog post: Have a Holly, Jolly, Blurry Christmas
    [Photo credit: Tragic Sandwich]
  • Real Posh Mom 8 of 17
    Real Posh Mom
    "[This is my favorite] because it is my most intimate post!"
    Favorite blog post: Who is the "Real Posh Mom"?
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Minky 9 of 17
    "[This is my favorite] because I went way out of my comfort zone On 'Raising White Boys In The Wake of Trayvon.'"
    Favorite blog post: On raising white boys in the wake of Trayvon Martin's murder.
    [Photo credit: Minky]
  • 10 of 17
    "This is my favourite blog post I've written."
    Favorite blog post: Go Ahead, Disagree With Me
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Things Carter Says… 11 of 17
    Things Carter Says...
    "Here is one of my favorites because it reminds me that moms aren't perfect...and that's ok!"
    Favorite blog post: Mom-Fessions
    [Photo credit: Things Carter Says...]
  • Ruminating Mommy 12 of 17
    Ruminating Mommy
    "I'm most proud of my post 'Circuits Misfire' because I opened up more..."
    Favorite blog post: Circuits Misfire
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Gloss Glamour & Grace 13 of 17
    Gloss Glamour & Grace
    "My first post because I finally got the nerve to start."
    Favorite blog post: Welcome to Gloss Glamour & Grace
    [Photo credit: Gloss Glamour & Grace]
  • The Christian Chameleon 14 of 17
    The Christian Chameleon
    "I'm most proud of this post because it speaks about getting rid of bitter hearts."
    Favorite blog post: Banish the Bitterness or Reap the Effects
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Carrie With Children 15 of 17
    Carrie With Children
    "This post shares news that my new DD had Down Syndrome. It was honest, raw, changed my life."
    Favorite blog post: Down Syndrome Awareness Month The Story of Our Daughter Molly
    [Photo credit: Carrie With Children]
  • My Crazy Busy Life 16 of 17
    My Crazy Busy Life
    "Here's one I've always liked. I wrote it for my husbands 30th birthday about why he's the man of my dreams."
    Favorite blog post: Dolls in the Attic
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • The SAHM Chronicles 17 of 17
    The SAHM Chronicles
    "I'm most proud of the love letter i wrote for my son coz i meant it!"
    Favorite blog post: A Love Letter to the Man Who Taught Me True Love—My Son
    [Photo credit: The SAHM Chronicles]

Please add your favorite blog post in the comments below!

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