Bloggers Share Their Proudest Posts [Part II]

Earlier this week I had the amazing opportunity to share the proudest posts of 17 brave bloggers.

What I didn’t expect was what happened next. While the featured bloggers responded to our call for proudest posts, each one of them was genuinely touched to be included. So many sent personal notes of appreciation telling us how much it meant to have their heartfelt posts recognized by Babble.

While our contributing bloggers are busy thanking us, we’re the ones who should be thanking you!

Thank you for inspiring us with your brave and honest stories. While raw human emotion may seem scare in real life, the blogosphere knows better.

It is our great honor to feature the proudest posts of 19 more amazing bloggers below:

  • Early Mama 1 of 19
    Early Mama
    "Right now, I'd have to say this one, I think it really illustrates what it's like to be a younger mom, growing up along side my son."
    Favorite blog post: On Growing Up
    Image credit: Early Mama
  • The Martha Project (via Hormonal Imbalances) 2 of 19
    The Martha Project (via Hormonal Imbalances)
    "Mine was a guest post but I think it really opened people's eyes to what 'gifted' really means."
    Favorite blog post: My kid is Gifted and it's not just because he's Smart
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Sassafrass 3 of 19
    "My brother always says I am my own best audience. Now that my child can roll his eyes, I see he's right. My posts mostly veer toward nostalgic anyway, so when I can capture a funny moment, I feel good about that. I mean, I feel good about that as soon as I stop laughing at my own jokes."
    Favorite blog post: This is the day my hairdresser asked me if I am 30
    Image credit: Sassafrass
  • Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha 4 of 19
    Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha
    "My 'Nesting' post. A simple yard adventure with the kids."
    Favorite blog post: Nesting
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Hilary Levey Friedman, PhD 5 of 19
    Hilary Levey Friedman, PhD
    "Post I wrote after son was born. Captures process of becoming mom but retaining core self."
    Favorite blog post: Everything is Altering
    Image credit: Hilary Levey Friedman, PhD
  • Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama 6 of 19
    Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama
    "Proud of my anxiety disorder post because it took the most courage to put it out there for the world to judge."
    Favorite blog post: Anatomy of an Anxiety Disorder
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Sparkles & Crafts (via Disruptive Change) 7 of 19
    Sparkles & Crafts (via Disruptive Change)
    "I wrote my first guest blog post this year & I am proud of it because it shares my own journey."
    Favorite blog post: Accepting Change: When am I Ready?
    Image credit: Sparkles & Crafts
  • Momtactics 8 of 19
    "This is one of my faves, because I think a lot of moms can relate."
    Favorite blog post: "The New Me Time"....
    Image credit: Momtactics
  • Diapered Daze & Knights 9 of 19
    Diapered Daze & Knights
    "I'm proud of this post about Not being Supermom, where I take a stand against bento boxes."
    Favorite blog post: We Can't All Be Super Mom…
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Mama Jabber. 10 of 19
    Mama Jabber.
    "I'm proud of this one because it still makes me laugh-snort."
    Favorite blog post: Diet Plan for Moms of Wee Ones
    Image credit: Mama Jabber.
  • Dancing Branflakes 11 of 19
    Dancing Branflakes
    "This post, not for the content but for the comments. Bloggers have the best perspective."
    Favorite blog post: You're Not Thin. Slim, but not thin.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • mommymetamorphosis 12 of 19
    "Here is one of my favorites because eludes to a miscarriage had before my LO was born. About her first year & being thankful for her."
    Favorite blog post: Little Flowers First Year
    Image credit: mommymetamorphosis
  • Literal Mom 13 of 19
    Literal Mom
    "When readers really responded to this piece, I knew I'd written it in the way I wanted which makes me proud. That and it was a growth moment for my daughter and I, I think. Something that will help build trust in each other as she becomes a teen."
    Favorite blog post: Fitting In
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • The Haute Housewife 14 of 19
    The Haute Housewife
    "My good-bye letter to San Francisco. Nearly a year later & I still get emotional reading it."
    Favorite blog post: Leaving (a piece of) My Heart in San Francisco
    Image credit: The Haute Housewife
  • Fat mama goes fit 15 of 19
    Fat mama goes fit
    "First time I really poured my heart out about PPD and how I felt."
    Favorite blog post: The chicken exit
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Mama Wants This! 16 of 19
    Mama Wants This!
    "Here's one of my absolute favorites. It's a topic that was on my mind for a long time, a subject close to my heart. It was one of the fastest posts I ever wrote."
    Favorite blog post: What Motherhood Isn't
    Image credit: Mama Wants This!
  • Have Baby Will Travel 17 of 19
    Have Baby Will Travel
    "Last year was tough and was thinking of shuttin' 'er down. Why I decided to keep going:"
    Favorite blog post: Why Travel With Kids And Family Travel Are Important To Me
    Image credit: Have Baby Will Travel
  • Desmadreando 18 of 19
    "Even though it's in spanish it's very graphic The reality of motherhood."
    Favorite blog post: La maternidad real en imágenes (The Reality of Motherhood) Image credit: Shutterstock
  • laderamom 19 of 19
    "Not a happy post, but proud of it because I feel like I captured what I was feeling at the time."
    Favorite blog post: My Scariest "Mom Moment"
    Image credit: laderamom

Feel free to add your favorite blog post in the comments below!

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