Blogging for Business Part 4: Do I Really Want to Do This?


Let’s recap!  The opportunities to make money sound exciting to you.  You’re ready to do what it takes to get your blog noticed and you’ve already started thinking of ways to position yourself as an expert and to build your professional brand.  Now it’s time to make the rubber hit the road and decide: Do I really want to do this?

I strongly recommend asking yourself this question because, while it may seem that the bloggers around you that blog for a living are having a ball flitting around from blogger junket to social media conference to extravagant event (and to foreign countries even) – make no mistake that the work involved is anything but glamorous.  While social media has opened up a world of fantastical possibilities – especially for moms looking for flexible earning options – it’s important to be fully aware of some of the potential…

CONS OF PROFESSIONAL BLOGGING: Time. There’s just no way around this one.  Professional blogging takes a lot of time. Point blank.  There is time spent: (1) building your blog; (2) cultivating relationships; (3) attending conferences to enhance professional development; (4) on conference calls brainstorming and connecting with brands and clients; (5) researching articles and reading press for bloggable (is that a word?) topics; (6) participating in conversations on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere to stay on the cusp of what’s happening – and all of this doesn’t even take into account the time spent writing the actual blog posts! Updating your editorial calendar, researching topics, writing the post, adding the right images, linking, proofing, responding to comments…the list goes on. And if you are writing a sponsored post, sometimes it needs to be approved by the PR firms, images vetted, and giveaways coordinated.  So yeah, think about whether you can and want to devote the TIME to blogging professionally.

Work-Life Balance. I am no stranger to this one.  Because creating a work product that you will be proud of (and that will earn you money) is time consuming, as with any job, this usually means that something else in your life will have to be sacrificed.  Let’s keep it real here: as moms, wives, sisters, aunts, daughters, friends, PTA members, Girl Scout troop leaders, room moms and more, our time is stretched as it is.  Many of us also work outside the home from 9am to 5pm (or in some other capacity).  There is dinner to be made, laundry to be done, homework to be checked, birthday parties to be thrown, bedtime stories to be read and (oh yeah!) and marriage or partnership to be nurtured and children to be raised into fabulous, productive, smart, confident and caring adults. No pressure. Throwing in the demands of a professional blog career into the mix just may be enough to completely throw the possibility to work-life balance out the window.  As moms, blogging as a career means lots of late nights, early mornings, family member animosity towards your laptop and a lot less time for you. Make sure you’re ready to make those sacrifices.

Passion Can Turn Into Work. Again, I’m speaking from experience here.  You many have started blogging for the fun of it.  You love the sense of community that it brings you, the relationships that you’ve developed, and the creative outlet that it offers.  Once you take the leap to parlaying your blogging into a business, be very careful to realize that your passion for it will quickly become work.  And that’s not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s just something to be aware of.  You just may find yourself up at 4am, rushing to complete a media kit for a client or finalizing a script for your radio show or furiously trying to meet a writing deadline or working out the ins and outs of a major event; you will certainly ask yourself more than once: Why am I doing this??? And if the answer is because you love doing it; because it allows you more time with your family; because it brings in a much needed paycheck; or because it’s allowing you to re-invent yourself, then put on another pot of coffee and dive right back in.

Sleep is overrated anyway.