BlogHer Advice: Veterans Give You Their Tips on Twitter

It’s just a few days away now.

4500 of us will descend on New York City to celebrate the joy of social media and blogging at the annual BlogHer Conference. That’s more than ever before, and the conference this year is so jam-packed with sessions and parties (and that’s not even counting the offsite events; at last count, I see between twenty and thirty a day of those happening) that I’m seeing bloggers expressing a higher level of pre-conference stress than I’ve ever seen before. And even though this is my fifth BlogHer conference AND my fifth or sixth conference THIS year (yes, I lost count), I’m finding myself also caught up in the stress.

So I turned to twitter to gather some tips from others to remind myself to slow down, focus, and enjoy the conference. Naturally, I thought I’d share them with you.

Enjoy, and take it to heart!

  • Alexis Hinde 1 of 15
    Alexis Hinde
    Alexis of Wave the Stick echoes a common thread I've heard many BlogHer veterans mention.

    Admittedly, it can be hard to let go of these things clothes, swag, parties, events because in many ways it can seem like the focus of BlogHer. But just like anything else, there are multiple facets to BlogHer, and you can find a way to get the most out of it, regardless of what your focus is.
  • Amy Bradley-Hole 2 of 15
    Amy Bradley-Hole
    Amy of Freaky Perfect reminds us that worrying ultimately doesn't much help. BlogHer will be what BlogHer will be, and worrying about things doesn't actually help you much.

    Remember, focus on the things you CAN control and let go (if ya can) of the things you can't control!
  • Baby Pop Designs 3 of 15
    Baby Pop Designs
    Sherry of Baby Pop Designs wants to reassure you that if you get lost in New York City, people will help. This is VERY true. Contrary to portrayals of New Yorkers, the city is full of friendly faces. If you are confused, just ask someone.
  • Erin Lane 4 of 15
    Erin Lane
    Erin of A Parenting Production wants to remind you that BlogHer is YOUR conference, and be sure to make it the experience that you want. Don't try to please everyone.
  • Hilary Chybinski 5 of 15
    Hilary Chybinski
    Hilary of My Scraps wants to remind you that when you think about your shoes for BlogHer, keep it simple many of you will be walking all over Manhattan and comfort is in order more than style!
  • Amanda 6 of 15
    Amanda of High Impact Mom wants to remind you that you don't need to worry about meeting people. After all, there will be 4500 people in attendance, chances are you'll meet plenty. As for those people you don't want to miss? Use twitter and email to set a time to meet.
  • Jaime 7 of 15
    Jaime of James and Jax wants everyone to chill about their clothes. The funny thing about BlogHer is that I never remember what anyone wears; just their big smiles and their hugs. Really.
  • Jen Singer 8 of 15
    Jen Singer
    Jen of Momma Said echoes something I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago: small blogs matter. So stop worrying about stats and stuff. You're FINE as you are.
  • Jessica Cohen 9 of 15
    Jessica Cohen
    Jessica of Found the Marbles offers up another gentle reminder that BlogHer is about so much more than swag and parties. Even if that is your favorite part.
  • Beth 10 of 15
    Another good point! Beth of 117 Hudson suggests that fortifying yourself to meet a ton of strangers is more important than what you're wearing. Oh dear. That likely didn't help much, did it?
  • Cecily 11 of 15
    Hey, that's me! I really believe that if you don't take an hour off in the middle of the day you will lose your ability to schmooze graciously. I know there's a lot to do and tons of people to meet but all that time putting on your best face wears you down. Try to get a break each day.
  • Melissa 12 of 15
    Melissa of Filling Our Bucket reminds you that you are awesome, even if you didn't get that party invite. You will rock the schedule you have!
  • Robin Plemmons 13 of 15
    Robin Plemmons
    Robin of Balls to the Wall, Y'all offers some great advice: don't worry about the kids at home! Obviously you trust the people you left the kids with, or you wouldn't have left. Let them do their job while you do yours!
  • Tara Ziegmont 14 of 15
    Tara Ziegmont
    Tara not only offered up this tip on Twitter, she wrote a whole post about it. GREAT ADVICE.
  • Sharon 15 of 15
    Sharon of Zchamu reminds us that planning ahead helps a LOT when it comes to BlogHer. It's a big conference and you don't want to miss anything!

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