Body By Blogging: 8 Tips for a Healthier You

For many of us blogging is more than a pastime. Our blogs are our lifeblood, our sanity, and our paychecks. But unlike a mere hobby or 9-5 job; blogging is a lifestyle.

Lifestyles know no sense of moderation; this is where blogging can get dangerous. DUN DUN DUN!

Personally, I’ve found blogging to be hazardous to my health. It seems sitting at a computer with busy fingers makes my mouth incredibly jealous. I find myself noshing high cal snacky foods to encourage my fingers and mouth to work in perfect harmony. Too much screen time has also given me a constant and totally sexy left eye twitch. Oh, the blogger’s eye twitch. Justice Fergie detailed her twichtastic experience in The Health Side Effects of Blogging. And then of course there’s the obvious, when I’m sitting all day blogging my brains out –  I’m not moving.

According to CNN Health, the American Cancer Society conducted a 14 year longitudinal study of health among 123,216 individuals and found:

…women who sit for more than six hours a day were about 40% more likely to die during the course of the study than those who sat fewer than three hours per day. Men were about 20% more likely to die.

What the what? Since death by blogging isn’t the sexiest way to die, there are things – simple things we can do to make a big difference.

  • Be a baller 1 of 8
    Be a baller
    Sitting on an exercise ball can help strengthen your core, not to mention improve balance. And because maintaining balance on a ball requires more energy than chair sitting, you'll burn a few extra cals too. I know what you're thinking: One, you don't have an exercise ball. Two, sitting on an exercise ball to work looks stupid. Yes and yes. Now that that's settled, if you're really anti-exercise ball, there are quite a few exercises you can do with a regular child's ball; WebMD offers a tutorial on seated exercises with a ball.
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  • Choose wisely 2 of 8
    Choose wisely
    If you're a grazer, choose to graze on foods that promote brain power like nuts, seeds, berries and whole grains because people rely on your genius! Check out Prevention's complete list of Foods That Boost Brainpower.
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  • Look away! 3 of 8
    Look away!
    Staring at your computer screen for hours and hours is really bad for your eyes. Make a concerted effort to look away from your computer screen every 15-20 minutes and give your peepers a rest!
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  • Light ’em up! 4 of 8
    Light 'em up!
    Lighting in your workspace matters; just ask your exhausted eyeballs. For tips on achieving proper lighting in your workspace, check out Computer Eye Strain: 10 Steps for Relief.
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  • Stand up soldier! 5 of 8
    Stand up soldier!
    If you do nothing else, stand up at least once an hour. If you have to take your laptop with you, go ahead. If you have to set an alarm to remind you to stand, do that too. In fact do that right now; I'll wait. March in place for 30 seconds and stretch.
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  • Move it (even on your tush) 6 of 8
    Move it (even on your tush)
    You can move even while seated and move you should. Check out WebMD's tutorial on Seated Exercises to get started.
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  • Just 30 minutes 7 of 8
    Just 30 minutes
    Give yourself 30 minutes every day to move your body. If the biggest workout you get is to the mailbox and back, it's not enough. You don't need high intensity workouts, you just need to remind your muscles to move.
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  • Make a game out of it 8 of 8
    Make a game out of it
    Every time a friend posts and obnoxious status update on Facebook, get up and jump three times. Every time you find a bad pitch in your inbox, dance to a song on the radio! Trust me; you'll be moving all day!
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Has blogging affected your health?

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