Bonnaroo Festival Lineup 2011: Is it a Family Affair?


If you don’t just like but love music, of all genres, from old school to 2010 Grammy winners, then the upcoming Bonnaroo Festival might not be just your cup of tea but the whole entire pot.

Not only does the lineup include  big winners of the Grammys 2011 – The Arcade Fire and Eminem – but bands of yore like the reunited Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young as well as Mavis Staples, Wanda Jackson and Loretta Lynn.

The collection of bands span a large range, touching generations. From bands your kids listen to, you listen to and what your parents listen to. So if the kids, mom and dad and grandma and grandpa all went, they would be something for everyone. But would you take your kids?Musical festivals generally have a certain element of debauchery. There is the consuming of alcohol and the smoking of substances, which may or many not be illegal and other illicit behavior. And then there are the crowds. There will be about 70,000 people in attendance at the Bonnaroo Festival this year.

But the Bonnaroo Festival, they do keep the families in mind. They have a section called the Family Camp which features the Kid Jamz. And the Family Camp area if just for families, so you’ll be surrounded by other music loving folks. There will be plenty of play and best of all, you’ll be in an area that is safe, secure and more suitable than the non-kid friendly parts of the festival. Also the hula hoops, arts and crafts, bouncy house, face painting, games and appearances from the likes of Hello Kitty and Spongebob sure do help!

Would you ever take your kids to a big festival?

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