Book Of The Week: Bird - For You (and Them)


9780811870986_normFirst I should point out that this ain’t no board book. For that matter, you shouldn’t let your kids grimy hands anywhere near it.  But they can look with just their eyes, just make sure not to let them get their marks on the pristine white pages of this magnificent tome to birds in the aptly named book Bird.

This beautifully printed coffee table features a collection of crystal clear and detailed images by photographer Andrew Zuckerman (of Creature fame).  From a Hyacinth Macaw to a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo to the Emu, this book showcases about 75 different species of birds. No words and simply executed- it’s all about the birds.

Now with a price tag of $60, this isn’t a book to put on your kid’s bookcase. It’s something probably more for yours but it is something that is great and glorious to share. My 3 ¾ (FYI – that ¾ is very important) and I looked at each and every page and she was completely entranced by the images of her new feathered friends. She blurted out comments about the birds such as “He’s fancy!”, “His beak looks like a spoon”, “She’s doing ballet class”, and “He’s conducting”. Interesting observations from a child’s perspective. Then she proceeded to act out what the birds were doing in each photo, complete with sound effects. Her Southern Ground Hornbill impression was impassioned and just a little scary.

Bird by Andrew Zuckerman – Chronicle Books is available from them for $60 (and right now you can get 25% off and free ground shipping) here.

Also check out the amazing videos from the shoot below: