Book of the Week: Princess Hyacinth (the Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated)


ph“Ugh,” you might be thinking, “not another book about princesses!” But please, don’t hold Princess Hyacinth‘s rank against her. It’s not her fault she was born into a royal family and besides, she doesn’t conform to those all-too-familiar princess conventions. There is nary a mention of pink gowns, fairy godmothers, or handsome princes in Florence Parry Heide’s entire book.

Instead, what we get is an enchantingly imaginative tale about a little girl with a big problem: “unless she was attached to something, or weighted down, she just floated up, up, up.” Because of her problem, Princess Hyacinth has to drag around in heavy robes that have weights sewn into the hems and she can never, ever go outside to play with the other children in the swimming pool. Consequently, she feels “terribly, horribly, dreadfully bored.” One day, Princess Hyacinth can’t take it anymore. She floats up into the sky and has a grand time playing among the clouds. There’s only one problem: no one knows how to get her down!

Your little princess-lover will be delighted by this sweet tale with its beautiful, whimsical illustrations. And, because it treads very lightly on the princess material, you might even find that your littler princess-hater is interested. What child doesn’t dream about floating away on a cloud of balloons? –  Lindsay Armstrong

Princess Hyacinth is available for a discount pre-order price of $12.23 on Amazon.

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