Borders Closing ALL Their Stores: Will Your Family Be Bummed?

The Book Shuts at Borders

There was bad news in Borders world today.  The chain will reportedly be closing the rest of their stores that were sprinkled here, there and everywhere after they were unsuccessful in finding a bidder to save the company.

This isn’t just bad news for the 10,700 people who will be laid off, but in a lesser degree it’s a sad day not just for children’s book authors but for the children too. Borders has always been very supportive of the children’s book genre. They hold story times, keep their shelves stocked with new releases and old classics, and had recently started to carry more games, toys and puzzles.

My family hit our local Borders quite a bit (it’s next door to Trader Joe’s so it made for nice pit stop). One thing I noticed about our Borders? There were always oodles of kids along the aisles, on the bean-bag chairs and strewn around the floor. All these kids lovingly engrossed in books, a wonderful sight to see. But the thing is, most of these kids were engrossed at Borders, but weren’t making purchases.  It had become like a reading library with coffee, newer books and more comfortable chairs.

There will be a glut left in the absence of Borders closure. Let’s hope the mom and pop bookstores stick around and people start to frequent them. Sure you can purchase your books from Amazon (at a discount) but there is nothing like going into a book store, flipping through a title, and buying it on the spot. And a place where children’s authors can meet with their young fans and kids can explore all the options and really find a book that speaks to their unique tastes.

Will your family miss Borders?

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