Born on a Friday the 13th: Why I Love This Day and You Should Too


I love Friday the 13th.  While some people live in an irrational fear of Fridays that just happen to fall on the 13th of the month, I embrace it. But I have a very good reason why I should. Many, many, many years ago, I came into this world being born on a Friday 13th (mine fell in February).

I have always thought being born on a Friday the 13th gave me extra coolness points… it makes me feel tough, edgy and a bit daring. It’s as if at birth I said, “come on life…bring it on.” But others don’t feel the same way about the day.

According to reports about 21 million Americans have a phobia about the Friday the 13ths (and no, I have no frickin’ idea how they came up with that number) and it costs industry about a billion dollars in losses each time a Friday the 13th occurs (I’m guessing because people don’t want to buy property, buy stocks, or get married on a Friday the 13th impacting the economy). And one wonders how many women schedule their C-sections to avoid the dreaded Friday the 13th date, but looking at various message boards and forums from Baby Gaga to BabyCenter, it is indeed a debatable issue.

But seriously guys, it’s just a day. A day that is more fun to celebrate than to fear.  Plus isn’t any Friday a good Friday?

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