Boston Transit Workers Stop Train to Save Little Girl's Stuffed Animal


My daughter has a teddy bear that she is ridiculously close with. His name is Beary and he was the first stuffed animal, the first possession, the first character that she grew attached to. He is the first thing she asks for when she gets home and the last thing she asks for when she goes to sleep. To say that she is fond of her stuffed animal is an understatement. She is in love.

The thought that she could lose her favorite stuffy is a horrific thought. Yes, I used the word “horrific” in the context of the loss of a stuffed toy, but if your child has a Beary, a BooBoo or Knuffle Bunny you totally know what I’m talking about.  Apparently the transit workers of Boston know all too well about a child’s affection for her stuffies too. This week they abruptly halted a train in the middle of rush hour to save a 3-year-old girl’s little stuffed bunny. What happened?

According to reports, Riley, the daughter of Casey Carey-Brown (who has a blog called Life with Roozle ), dropped her stuffed bunny from her stroller as they exited the train and Nummy landed on the tracks. As you would expect, young Riley was hysterical. Carey-Brown wrote on her blog, “I told her we could just get her another one or something, trying to fix the situation, and she said ,’No way, that’s my friend. I need my friend and now he’s going to get squished by the train.'”

According to the Boston Herald, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker Fannie Matchette came to the rescue. She called the station dispatcher, who in turn called the operator of the train and instructed him to use “extreme caution” when coming into the station. Once the train stopped, workers went and grabbed Nummy and gave it back to Riley. “Nummy is the first stuffed animal she ever had sleep in her crib with her. The first toy she named. A very good friend,” Carey-Brown wrote. She spoke of the actions of the MSTA, “they really jumped to it and they really didn’t have to. They could have just said ‘No, we can’t help you.’ It would have been perfectly understandable in the middle of rush hour. We’re just really blown away by that.”

The family was very thankful with Carey-Brown adding, “Nummy, we are very glad you are still with us. Roozle has promised to hold on tight to you from now on. And to the MBTA, you really didn’t have to do what you did today, but you have made a little three-year-old incredibly happy.”

While stopping a train in the middle of rush hour may seem like a drastic act, it’s very sweet to know that adults are ready and willing to come to the rescue of a little stuffed bunny, delaying trains to keep a little girl’s heart from breaking.

What do you think? Should the MBTA should have just let Nummy die there on the tracks or did they do the right thing?

Photo of Nummy: Courtesy of Casey Carey-Brown

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