Boston Weather Will Get Last (Snowy) Laugh On April Fool's


Now listen, weather. Hitting us with an April Fool’s Day snowstorm might be a great prank, but it isn’t very original. Don’t you remember you pulled this one 14 years ago, when you dumped 25 inches of snow on Boston on April 1?

We’re totally on to you. We haven’t even put away our winter coats and boots yet. When we get doused with snow tomorrow, we’ll have our shovels ready. We can take anything you can dish out. After the winter we’ve just had, a spring blizzard is barely a drop in the bucket. Bring it. We’ll turn you into snowmen so fast you won’t know what hit you.

That’s right: Boston is due for more snow. We’ve had no shortage of the stuff this winter, and as much as we’d like to be done with it, we all knew more might fall.

We probably won’t get one last snow day out of the deal, much as our kids might love that. Warmer coastal air should turn the snow to rain. Inland, on the other hand, you’ll be getting some pretty serious snowfall. The central part of the state is looking at up to 10 inches of white stuff. Oh, weather! 10 inches of snow? You shouldn’t have.

It looks like none of the major cities will get serious snow. Businessweek reports that New York and the other major cities up and down the East coast should expect rain, not snow. Ski areas to the north of NYC will get over a foot of snow. The White Mountains in New Hampshire are expected to get up to 16 inches. In other words, if you’re into skiing at all, you should go this weekend.

New England’s weather is famously mercurial. So I’m not exactly surprised that Boston is set to be hit with one more snowstorm. Just unhappy about it.

How about you? Will you relish what will hopefully be our last storm of the season, or are you so over winter?

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