Botox Mom Ordered to Take Parenting Classes, Undergo Mental Health Treatment

botox mom
The Botox Mom, whose real name is Sheena Upton, not Kerry Campbell, is taking parenting classes.

We all remember Kerry Campbell, aka Sheena Upton, aka the Botox Mom.  Back in March, as Campbell, she told British tabloid The Sun that she was injecting her 8-year-old daughter with Botox shots so she wouldn’t get wrinkles.  In May, she appeared on Good Morning America to defend the practice, and was subsequently placed under investigation by family services in San Francisco (where she resides), since the FDA has not approved Botox for use in children.  (Um, obvs.)  Her daughter was removed from her custody, which is when Campbell admitted to actually being Upton and said she made the whole story up for $200, paid to her by The Sun.

It’s no surprise, then, that in order to maintain custody of her child, Upton is being forced to undergo mental health treatment and take parenting classes.  According to Radar Online, Upton will “be under direct supervision of the Department [of Child and Family Services] for the next six months, which she is completely agreeable to.”  It appears that since this ordeal began, Upton has subsequently moved with her two daughters into a family member’s home in Southern California.

A source close to the family says, “Sheena is beginning to grasp what she did to her daughter.  Sheena will have two family members living with her and her daughters for at least the next six months.  Sheena is taking parenting classes and undergoing mental health counseling.”  Radar Online reports, “The DCFS investigation into the matter will remain open for at least the next six months.  Social workers will determine at the end of that time if the case should be closed, or remain open.”

I’m happy to hear that this family has a chance to start anew, and I hope Upton’s daughter will be able to forgive her mother for the deception she was forced to participate in on such a grand, International scale.  Although her decision was misguided, it appears that Upton was wooed by money and a chance at fame.  She’s certainly not the first to do something dumb and desperate while chasing a dream.  What do you think?

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