Boy Fakes Kidnapping to Hide Bad Grades


report1-main_fullI’ve heard some wacky stories about kids attempting to hide their grades. Some may say that the school stopped actually giving grades, or that the dog ate them or that their report card was the victim of spontaneous combustion. But an imaginative 11-year old Alaskan boy really spun a tall tall tale to hide his grades.

Last week the Middle School student told his parents and police that he has been kidnapped. According to the AP, the boy said that he been taken by gunpoint and was forced to get into a “beat-up car”.  He claimed that the man had threatened to kill him. He said he had escaped by jumping out of the car but sadly didn’t get a chance to grab his backpack which had his grades his bad grades inside.  But he did manage to escape with his band instrument, which made the police suspicious.

After his “ordeal” he ran to his grandparents house and later confessed to making the whole thing up.  A surely mortified grandfather called the police to apologize and at this time, the boy isn’t facing any charges.

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