Boy Helps Police Apprehend His Dad


drunkA 10-year-old boy took a courageous stand against his father’s drinking problem in Wisconsin recently. According to police, 51-year-old Mark Kotowski was visibly intoxicated when he arrived at the boy’s school to pick him up after classes let out. After Kotowski drove away, school authorities alerted police, who pulled Kotowski over soon after he’d left the school grounds with his son in the car.

When the officer asked Kotowski to step out of his vehicle, the father sped off, pursued by the squad car. He then left his car on foot near his apartment, but as soon as the officer approached him, he lunged for the driver’s side door of his Audi, apparently planning to drive off again. (With judgment like that, you almost hope he was trashed.)

But the young boy, still inside the vehicle, quickly locked the car doors, so the officer was able to arrest Kotowski and have him brought into the station for a blood test.

My heart really goes out to this young boy who has been placed in such a difficult position. It’s terrible to see a parent suffer, even if the parent has brought the suffering upon themselves, and to have to choose, at such a young age, to be the disciplinarian of the family must be a huge burden.

I really hope this boy has plenty of people telling him he did the right thing to help stop his father from harming himself and others—and that Kotowski’s arrest serves as a wake-up call that he could lose his son if he doesn’t get his drinking under control.