Boy Hit By Meteorite Survives

A teenager in Germany was hit with a chunk of meteor while he walked to school. But he’s fine.German Boy Hit by Meteorite

Gerrit Blank “saw a massive fireball heading straight towards him from the sky…The white-hot meteorite bounced off the schoolboy’s hand and hit the ground so hard it left a foot-long crater in the tarmac — as well as a three-inch scar on his hand.”


I have to say, on the list of things that I might worry about happening to my kid while they walk somewhere, “being hit by a meteorite” isn’t on the list. Which is good, because Sky News says that the chances of being hit by a falling meteorite are 1 in 100 million. The kid should go buy a lottery ticket.

Wired provides a list of things that have been hit by meteorites, including this story: “The last time there was a confirmed strike on a human was in 1954, when Ann Hodges, an Alabama housewife got smacked in the hip by a ricocheting space rock. Sadly, Hodges, a renter, got sued by her landlady for possession of the meteor. The famous rock was considered very valuable, and was anticipated to fetch $20,000 at auction, which would equate to several hundred thousand dollars today.”

This reminds me, somewhat, of the story of Superman.  In case you don’t know the story, Superman is Kal-El, who crash landed on Earth after escaping the destruction of his home planet of Krypton. His spaceship is kind of like a meteor; on the weird CW Superman TV series “Smallville”, they refer to Kryptonite as “meteor rock.” I know, this isn’t that. But it would be cool if it was.

The closest I’ve come to having something like this happen to me is when a pigeon pooped on my head a few weeks ago. My kids found that very amusing.

Source: Sky News via MomLogic

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