Boy With Down Syndrome Scores Touchdown


Matt ZieselHere’s a nice sports story for you.

Matt Ziesel is a student at Benton High School in St. Joseph, Missouri. He has Down Syndrome, so while he is on the team, he doesn’t participate in “full-contact drills at practices,” according to the Kansas City Star.

At a game on Monday, with the Benton team trailing 46-0 with 10 seconds left to play, coach Dan McCamy wanted to get Matt on the field. He asked the opposing side’s coach if they would be willing to let Matt run the ball into the end zone. That would mean no shutout, but obviously they would still get the win. Coach McCamy told the Star that the other team “didn’t hesitate at all.” Apparently everyone was in tears when it was all over.

Here is a video of the run. You know what? He looks pretty good.

Source: Kansas City Star via Buzzfeed