Boys Rewrite And Perform Song in Honor of Their Lost Mother

gregory ryan miller
Gregory and Ryan Miller made a music video in honor of their lost mom.

I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to watch videos. I’ve seen my fair share of LOLcats, dancing kids and singing dogs, so I’m pretty jaded about YouTube videos.

Today, however, I saw one that made me cry. Two young boys lost their mother, Nicole Miller, in a car crash eight years ago.  Her Ford SUV had a flat tire and rolled over, killing her.  They still miss her, and are worried that other people may get hurt if their older-model Explorers roll over, too.

So they rewrote the lyrics to the song 1000 miles, by Vanessa Carlton, and perform it in this video to create awareness.  Gregory and Ryan’s singing, which is beautiful, is interspersed with pictures of them together with their mother.  As a mom, it practically killed me to watch it. What do you think? (watch the YouTube video below)


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