Boy's Survival Story Proves TV Isn't Evil


man_vs_wild-showThis just proves that TV is not totally evil. A 9-year-old boy while on a weekend hiking trip with his family accidently got separated from his kin. Luckily, young Grayson Wynne watches the Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” and used the knowledge garnered from this wilderness survival show to survive himself while being lost overnight.

Every week Grayson, his brothers and his dad watch“Man vs. Wild” together. Grayson learned the very important tip to leave clues so that searchers would be able to find him. He used the bright yellow rain slicker he was wearing and tore it apart and tied to trees – despite the intermittent rain that fell upon him. He found shelter under a tree during the night. The next day, the yellow scraps along with a discarded granola wrapper, a footprint and his backpack, all aided the searchers in locating the boy. He was finally found by searchers on horseback.

His first words to his dad when he was reunited? “Happy Father’s Day.”

His dad said that …”the thing that he recognized from the show, regardless of the circumstances you’re in, you are capable of surviving.”

Has your child ever learned anything really important from TV?