Brazilian high court halts return of boy to US father



It appears David Goldman will not be able to take his son, Sean Goldman, to the United States as planned. Goldman had hoped to take Sean to the US before Christmas, and had traveled to Brazil this week to pick up his son. On Thursday, Brazil’s high court ruled to halt Sean’s return.

The ruling came one day after a lower court had unanimously ordered Sean be returned to his father. Sean has been living in Brazil since 2004 when his mother, Bruna Bianchi, took him there for what she said would be be a two week vacation. She never came back and instead remarried and remained with Sean in Brazil. Bianchi died last year during childbirth and Goldman has argued that as the sole surviving parent he should be granted custody.

Goldman told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he’s very disappointed by the new ruling.

The Associate Press reported the high court ruled Sean to stay in Brazil while the court considers whether to hear the boy’s testimony. Sean’s maternal grandmother, Silvana Bianchi, told the Agencia Estado news service that she was happy with the decision because Sean, who has dual citizenship, wants to remain in Brazil.

Goldman on the other hand has said that it is unfair to ask a child to testify and added that the family may be pressuring the boy.

This continues to be a complex and difficult situation for all involved. The legal battle which started in 2004 hasn’t come to an end, and once again it appears David Goldman will have to return to the United States without his son.

Source: AP