Break Out Of The Mom Blogger Conference Mold


Sometimes I think we mom bloggers can get a bit insular. Because there are so many conferences just for us these days you can go to one or two a month if you want it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But there are lots of great conferences that can offer some excellent information to you that are geared toward social media professionals outside of the mom blogging genre.

First and foremost, I highly recommend that you find your closest Pod Camp or Word Camp. These small “unconferences” are usually a weekend affair, they happen locally, and cost very little to attend. In fact, you can even use Podcamps and Wordcamps as a way to start working on your speaking chops; these conferences are “open” so that you can sign up for a space to speak if you have a presentation you are comfortable going to. Also, both Word Camps and Pod Camps offer far more than just info on podcasting and wordpress, so you can learn a great deal. I’ve been to the Philly versions for the last couple years and both learned a lot and made great local contacts.

There are many other great conferences that are not mom blogger focused and can offer a lot.

Blogwell. If you get a chance to attend a Blogwell conference, DO. This unique conference presents a series of social media case studies from the brand/public relations point of view. When I attended my first Blogwell, it completely changed how I operate as a consultant and gave me a serious education into how businesses see social media.

Social Media Plus. I’m lucky that this conference is local, of course, but I still highly recommend it if you can get to Philly. Almost like a smaller BlogWorld Expo, this conference is full of great experts and professionals and will give you the chance to learn many aspects of social media we don’t focus on as mom bloggers.

BlogWorld Expo. The largest social media conference that happens each year in the United States, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. With over 20 sessions at a time during each hour of the three day conference, there is more information at BlogWorld Expo than any other conference I’ve attended. You can learn more there and make better connections than you will anywhere else.

Got any other suggestions of great non-mom conferences?

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