BREAKING: Jon and Kate Officially Canceled


The debate over who is a worse parent, Jon or Kate, is about to end. TLC is pulling the plug.

Though the timing makes it look as though Jon Gosselin’s demands to keep his kids off the show (once he was no longer on it) got met, truth is TLC probably canceled the show due to its bottom of the barrel rating, which have precipitously fallen since the season premiere. When you can’t make the ratings cut on TLC, that’s really saying something. I guess TLC learned people don’t like to relive their parent’s divorce vicariously on TV as much as TLC thought.

Once a pretty harmless show about a large family, Jon and Kate transformed into a nationally televised train wreck once it was announced the marriage was on the rocks. It made the parents rich and (in)famous. Jon decided to act out a premature mid-life crisis in the public eye, replete with motorcycles, sad clothing choices and trashy girlfriends. Kate chose the money grubbing, public backstabbing route. And we stopped having fun a long time ago (if we ever started to begin with).


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