Breaking News: Brazilian Custody Case Suspended



The saga continues. The man who was to be reunited with his son after years of waiting and litigation will have to, sadly, wait longer. David Goldman was to regain custody of his nine-year-old son on Wednesday a judgment issued by a Federal judge. But a Brazilian supreme court has suspended the court order due to an emergency request filed a small political party. They made the claim that the whole scenario had turned into a political matter. Due to this injunction, the Brazilian court must now go convene for a full trial – which could take days or even months. (For a synopsis of the saga check out Brett’s post here.)

According to the AP:

“The Progressive Party argued that the boy should not be returned to the United States in such an “abrupt manner.” It said he should stay in Brazil because he has been living in the country for five years and would be stripped of his current family environment of “happiness, love and comprehension,” the supreme court statement said.

The party also said the boy could suffer psychological damage because of the order to immediately put him in the care of his biological father, and that the outcome of the case reflected an interest in “prioritizing international relations over the fundamental rights of a Brazilian native” boy, the supreme court statement said.”

I can’t imagine being in Goldman’s shoes. Being so close to getting your son back and yet delayed once again. What would you do if you were in his shoes?