Breaking News - New Jersey Dad Wins Brazilian Custody Case



This is a strange story but the ending appears to be a happy one.

The details, from CNN:

– Sean’s parents divorced and mom moved him to Brazil in 2004

– Mom died in childbirth in 2008, leaving Sean with stepfather

– Sean Goldman, 8, to be turned over to U.S. Consulate on Wednesday

Hilary Clinton even referred to the case yesterday, which is unusual. But so is the story itself.

If you want to get depressed before you get happy, read this letter that Sean’s father, David Goldman, wrote at There’s even (‘natch) a Facebook group, with over 40,000 members. One more from the “get angry before you get happy” file: Sean’s stepdad’s lawyer compared the decision to allow Sean to return to the United States with being sent to a “Nazi concentration camp,” according to a post in that Facebook group.

David Goldman is supposed to arrive in Rio de Janeiro this morning to pick up his son. Something tells me he won’t be all that interested in sight-seeing.

Source: CNN

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