Breaking: Newspaper Reports Macaulay Culkin is the Father of Michael Jackson's Son Blanket


The Telegraph is reporting Macaulay Culkin provided sperm to Michael Jackson to create Jackson’s son, Prince Michael II, AKA Blanket.

Okay, everything Michael Jackson related has officially gone off the rails. I wrote recently that no new developments surrounding Michael Jackson would surprise me.

I stand corrected.

Friends of Jackson said Blanket is indeed not the biological son of Michael.

According to the source of this story, Jackson sought Culkin’s help due to their close relationship. “Deep down, I think he always wished Mack was his son. Creating Blanket was the next best thing,” said the source.

As it stands, Culkin is godfather to all three Jackson children. Culkin says he will not comment on the claims due to his loyalty to the singer. I hate to say this, but that doesn’t sound exactly like a “no”.

From the Telegraph.

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