BREAKING: Zimmerman To Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Case

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman's lawyers quit his case this week.

We told you earlier today that Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey planned to announce a decision in the Trayvon Martin case some time before Friday.

Now the Washington Post is reporting sources inside Florida law enforcement who are saying Corey plans to charge George Zimmerman in the shooting death of the teenager in Sanford, Fla.

It is still unclear what those charges will be, but US News says first-degree murder is not an option because the case didn’t go to a grand jury. The announcement may come as soon as this afternoon.

Zimmerman no longer has lawyers, as his current legal representation quit yesterday after repeated attempts to contact him without any response. They’ve said he is in hiding somewhere outside of Florida.

Other news outlets are now confirming this leak, including NBC News and FOX News.

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