Breast Cancer Claims Sesame Street Star


alaina-reedSesame Street’s Gordon has lost his little sister to a battle with breast cancer. Alaina Reed Hall died last week at sixty-three.

Unless you’ve been watching the older Sesame Streets with your kids, they probably don’t remember Olivia, who showed up in 1976 as Roscoe Orman’s character’s little sister.

But Hall was the one who taught many parents how to count and recite the ABCs. She was one of the faces that enhanced the rich multiculturalism Sesame Street has always stood for – even when people of color were few and far between in major television programming.

She was on air until 1988 before moving on to other acting gigs. Her battle with breast cancer was a public one, with her participation this year in Breast Cancer Examined: An African-American Perspective. The official cause of death has reportedly not yet been confirmed.

Check out Alaina Reed Hall teaching kids about sign language:

Image: Sesame

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