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Breast is Best? Not Here! 16 Places Breastfeeding Moms Have Gotten Thrown Out Of

By Sunny Chanel |

Think a woman can breastfeed anywhere she wants? Think again. A nursing mother may have the law on her side, but that doesn’t seem to stop prudish employees at places such as baseball stadiums, public libraries, and churches to not just hassle and harass nursing mothers, but to throw them out of their establishments.

Forty-five states have laws that protect breastfeeding women and allow them to nurse anywhere they want. But many times, this freedom is brought into question. In an age where breastfeeding babies is not just encouraged but promoted, it is disheartening that women get confronted for simply nourishing their children. Numerous women feel nervous about nursing in public, and situations like these make it even more stress-inducing, and that’s not good for the mom, the baby, or anyone.

Check out these 16 places where nursing mothers have been harassed and/or thrown out of for nursing. Which one surprises you most?

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16 Places Women Have Been Thrown of For Breastfeeding


Many would argue that God created breasts in order for mothers to feed and nourish their babies. But one church doesn’t appreciate this piece of divine handiwork. Back in February, new mom Nirvana Jennette was kicked out of a place of worship and even called a stripper for breastfeeding her baby during a service.
“I was going to church, it was a biker church of all places, and I thought we would be accepted,” said Ms. Jennette. “I was told to go nurse in the bathroom and was told to cover up and go away. I knew the bond and importance of breastfeeding and that’s what I decided to do for my baby.”
Source: Huffington Post

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14 thoughts on “Breast is Best? Not Here! 16 Places Breastfeeding Moms Have Gotten Thrown Out Of

  1. jjgirl says:

    I think being told you can not feed your INFANT is crazy..if you are covered and discreet….however I totaly agree with the breastfeeding a 2 YEAR OLD in public is gross..that is not thier main sorce of nourishment they are able to eat and drink all foods by then…keep that in your own home is my personal look on it!

  2. Morgan says:

    I think as long as your covered it shouldn’t matter where you breast feed. Babies need to eat like everyone else in their case it happens to be breast milk that they need but I don’t think you should just whip out your boob. There are all sorts of things made for breast feeding mothers so that their boob is covered while breast feeding.

  3. Cindy says:

    I have breastfed on a plane-it helps their ears pop, at the zoo, amusement park, mall, fitness center locker room, courtside at son’s basketball practice, etc. Never been harassed, but I cover up. I do feel uncomfortable at times though, because I know not everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding. It would make it a lot easier if people weren’t so prudish about it. I am extremely large chested and have a very active baby who wiggles and pulls the cover off a lot, so it is a struggle. It would be easier if I could just whip it out and no one would care, But unfortunately this is not the way it is in America today. Even around my in laws I go in a bedroom to feed so as to not embarrass them. But it makes me feel very isolated during family get togethers and holidays. Wish people could understand this is why God gave us boobs, not just for men to ogle!

  4. Samantha F. says:

    Man this article gets my blood boiling. It is absolutely ridiculous that this still happens today! Breast feeding is natural and women should be allowed to do it wherever they need too. I breastfeed in public whenever needed and have never been harassed. Honestly I don’t know what I would do if I was. I am not one for confrontation but I don’t know that I wouldn’t flip a lid. That being said I do agree with Goddess. I side with the lifeguards at the pool. She could have sat on the deck of the pool and breastfed but not in the pool.

  5. Chrissy says:

    I do believe in not just pulling your boob out nipple and all with no covering. I have a 6 year old step son and he has never seen me exposed like this and I wouldn’t want him seeing another woman’s nipples until my husband and I decide that he should be exposed to it but if the woman is covering up until the baby is itleast latched I wouldn’t see a problem. I think it’s great they are providing their child with nourishment and all the pros but I do not believe they should be able to expose their nipples for all eyes to see. Even if I do decide to breast feed there are way too many sick freaks out there for me to just let everyone see my nipples, lol. Seems a little too extreme for me and I know I would not want to see another woman exposed. =) Once again, so not against the discreet breastfeeding but some of the mom’s this happened to (if you read the articles carefully) were not being too discreet and I would hope by the time a baby reaches toddler age it would be moving on to drinking water and apple juice and such, not breast milk for a drink.

  6. Rache says:

    I can’t believe these things happen in the USA – its outrageous – I live in europe and I wouldn’t be surprised if these things happened here although they rarely do. Breastfeeding still brings with it lots of embarassement over here I for one was very embarassed to feed my older daughter in public and I did not feel comfortable seeing other mums breastfeed. This until my youngest was born – when he is hungry he has to have it right there or hell will break loose! :) So I have found my inhibitions fly out of the window……

  7. Steph says:

    for the people that think it isn’t right just because their kid won’t know what is going on or ask questions…..a good parent would just simply explain to their child what was happening. Do you let your child watch tv or movies? Do you let your child go to school? Unless you shelter your child inside your house for the rest of their life they are going to be exposed to a lot of things that children shouldn’t see/hear. It is life. Our job as parents is to teach them about things and make everything a learning experience. Also, to teach them how to act appropriately and what is not ok to say or do. Breastfeeding does not fall into the inappropriate category AT ALL. Oh and I’m sure there will be excuses like “my child won’t understand” After I had my second baby, when I first sat at home to nurse her, my (at the time) 3 year old daughter asked me what I was doing. I gently and more importantly kept it simple and explained it to her. She said, “oh ok, I get it mommy. Awwww!” After that she didn’t pay it anymore attention, nor does she pay any attention to other woman breastfeeding in public. Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for….

  8. ImaMommy says:

    I fully support breastfeeding, but after reading these stories, it seems to me that many of these women are using their babies to forward a feminist agenda. It is completely possible to breastfeed in public without drawing attention to yourself – which is to cover up. Like it or not, many people do get uncomfortable around a breastfeeding woman and they should be given some respect. If the true intent of a woman’s breastfeeding is nourishment, then abiding by some common courtesy shouldn’t become a big issue. It’s women who make a spectacle of themselves that make it difficult for the rest of us who would simply like to feed our children and move on.

  9. Lynae says:

    I fed my baby in a Chicago park when it was over 90 degrees and I didn’t cover up because I didn’t think that was fair to my baby. I was asked to cover up by a nervous teenaged boy who was obviously the messenger. His reasoning was that I was by a family tent with people inside doing family activities…which I figured I was doing! I don’t like to make anyone uncomfortable, but putting my baby under a blanket when I was sweating buckets just sitting there didn’t seem fair at all. And I guarantee that if I walked a mile in any direction, I would have seen a billboard showing a lot more than I was!

  10. vnesswink says:

    This makes me so irrate! & Some of these ignorant comments too! I’m by no means a feminist protester, but I stand my ground on what’s right- feeding my child, where ever & whenever! Of course, I’ll make adjustments to make things more comfortable for the 2 of us, screw anyone else’s comfort, if they don’t like that I’m nursing in a restaurant, then I’ll point them to the restroom where they can eat THEIR meal, if our feeding is making someone uncomfortable, THEY can leave. I cover up most of the time simply because I don’t like feeling exposed, but for crying out loud, if I forget her blanket or it’s hot, I’m not going to inconvenience or starve my child for the sake of some ignorant person’s comfort level. I dare someone to tell me something negative while nursing or try to kick me out of somewhere; they would have to drag me out, in which case, I’d threaten a lawsuit for aggravate assault against myself & my child!

  11. Sarah says:

    That’s ridiculous. You see more boob when you go to a public pool than when a mom is breast feeding her baby. It’s sad that America is so hung up on this!

  12. me says:

    Last time, my husband and I were on a bus stop and a lady just poped out a boob and started feeding her child.
    It wasn’t discreet or anything like it, she was wearing a strapless blouse and she just pulled it down.
    Every men at the crowded bus stop just looked away like if nothing out of place have happened.
    To be honest, I was surprised since I didn’t expect that massive behavior from all the guys who were there and even thought my husband didn’t notice, so I told him that for some reason I was expecting to see weird guys staring at this lady’s breasts.
    He replied: “why would anyone stare at a child being fed?”.

    Husband 1 – Me 0

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