Breast Milk Cheese Headlines: Udder Madness


images-13The infamous “Headless Body In Topless Bar”  headline that ran in the New York Post had always been my favorite news banner…until now.  The recent story about a N.Y. chef using his wife’s breast milk to make cheese was a match made in pun heaven, and the press jumped all over it.

The good folks over at Eater rounded up some of the best:

10 – That Cheese Tastes Like 38-DD! (The Trentonian)

9 – ‘Human Cheese’ Ma:  Don’t Have A Cow! (NY Post)

8 – NY Chef Offers Mam Cheese Canapes (Register)

7 – Breast Milk Cheese:  The Forbidden Fromage (Gothamist)

6 – Breast Milk Cheese–The Ultimate In Local Sourcing? (SF Weekly)

5 – N.Y. Chef Keeps Abreast of Food Trends With Mother’s-Milk Cheese (USA Today)

4 – Brace Yourself for the Mother of All Cheeses (The Guardian)

3 – Cheesy Chef Cooking With Wife’s Breast Milk (The Big Money)

2 – Soylent Green is…”Human Cheese”? (Lone Star Times)

1 – Breast Milk Cheese Mom:  Bon Appe-teat! (CBS News)