Breastfeeding Problems, Miscarriage, and More


Two poignant pieces on breastfeeding today: Babble’s Katie Granju writes about not being able to breastfeed Baby Georgia because her milk never came in. Meanwhile, Salon’s Jessica Roake writes about her own nursing difficulties and how they made her feel judged by other nursing mothers.

A recent study told us that the sooner a woman gets pregnant again following a miscarriage, the better. But what this study did not take into account was emotional readiness. That’s why, says Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon, it’s so important to read the editorial that goes along with the study. There’s no proof that pregnancy outcomes will be affected if parents want to give themselves time to heal.

A recent Blogher poll says that moms are spending a lot of time thinking about technology and how it affects their families. Eighty fiv percent use parental controls, 53 percent worry about addictive online behavior, and 56 percent worry about sexting.

Alanis Morrisette is pregnant with her first child. Dad is Morrisette’s husband, rapper Souleye, a.k.a Mario Treadway.

Photo:  christyscherrer, Flickr