Brilliant Gmail App Will Send a Call from Santa to Anyone You Love

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Send a call from Santa that will make your loved ones laugh.

You guys, Google is at it again and I swear this is way better than the Let It Snow “Easter Egg.” Gmail is sponsoring an online app that allows you to customize a hilarious message recorded in Santa’s voice and send it to anyone you love – or have a phone number for. The service is oh-so-entertaining and offered completely free of charge.

Just visit and answer a few questions. The site offers you the opportunity to be as funny or cute as you like. (Santa will be calling my mother to let her know he saw that the first thing on her wish list is a hot date.) If Santa can’t pronounce your name (he couldn’t figure out how to say Carolyn for whatever reason), you can use a fun nickname like Rock Star or Sister from Another Mister.

So go have fun creating silly messages for your friends! (Insert your own “ho ho ho” joke here.)

Photo via Flickr

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