Brit Tween Joins Brainiest 1% With Higher IQ Than Einstein, Hawking

olivia manning, mensa membership
Olivia Manning, 12, achieved what even Albert Einstein could not: an IQ score of 162 (Einstein's was two points less.)

Everyone knew 12-year-old British schoolgirl Olivia Manning was smart. She was quick to absorb new information. She memorized all her lines for a performance of Macbeth in just 24 hours.

But even she was surprised when the results of an IQ test came back. Her score, 162, was higher than that of famed physicist Albert Einstein and scientist Stephen Hawking.

But here’s a little something interesting about Manning’s smarts — she’s not alone.

According to a story about Manning in the U.K. Daily Mail, Manning’s classmate Lauren Gannon achieved an astounding score as well, 152. Both girls have been admitted into Mensa, a club for the world’s smartypants.

Both are members of the school’s Mensa Enrichment Club, which gives interested students more problem-solving opportunities.

Manning and Gannon both live in the Norris Green housing estate and since their level of smarts is pretty unusual — the average IQ score is 100 — you’ve got to wonder if it’s something in the water. Their school’s principal credits the after-school club for helping the two brainy girls to become even brainier.


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