British Schools Boycott Standardized Tests


Britain’s National Union of Teachers is boycotting the countries standardized test protocal, saying it hurts students. Nearly half the schools scheduled to be giving the exams this week will be boycotting them.

Students arriving at school expecting to be taking an English reading exam will instead be reading aloud with their classes, doing storytelling exercises, and sharing poetry.

The nationwide tests are called SATs, but they’re not equivalent to the SATs on this side of the pond. The tests being boycotted are aimed at 11 year olds.

The teachers are staging the boycott of these nationwide exams because they believe the testing mandate forces teachers to teach to the test at the expense of the child’s genuine education.

It’s great to see a professional union standing up for what its members believe in, and not just negotiating pay raises.

I wonder if they’re really on the right track, though. Certainly it warms the cockles of my hippy heart to think of students sharing poetry readings rather than taking an exam. Is it really better education?

Photo:Comedy Nose