British Woman Gets 8 Years In Jail After Using Abortion Drug At 40 Weeks

British Woman Gets 8 Years In Jail After Using Abortion Drug At 40 Weeks via Babble
Is an abortion at 40 weeks of pregnancy murder?

Even the most liberal minds might agree that sometimes late is just too late when it comes to abortion. Take for example, week 40 of a pregnancy.

While many women feel that they have the right to an abortion in the third trimester, not many actually do it. Even fewer consider abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy.

So the story of the British woman who waited until her final week of pregnancy to ingest a miscarriage-inducing drug is raising quite a few eyebrows.

Back in 2010, Sarah Catt from North Yorkshire, England, purchased a drug she says she ordered online from India, which brought on a miscarriage/stillbirth/abortion at 40 weeks of pregnancy, well past the 24-week abortion law.

To gain perspective, Catt’s pregnancy was a result of a seven year affair with her co-worker and she didn’t want her husband to find out. She had one abortion prior to this, had tried to have another but was past the legal gestational limit, and had given away at least one child for adoption.

After Catt gave birth to the dead baby boy, she buried him in an unknown location, which the authorities still want to determine.

Justice Jeremy Cooke sentenced Catt to eight years in jail on Monday, saying:

“What you have done is rob an apparently healthy child, vulnerable and defenseless, of the life which he was about to commence. The child in the womb was so near to birth, in my judgment all right-thinking people would think this offense more serious than unintentional manslaughter.”

While it’s true that not all reasons for late-term abortion are credible, some are. There are instances where a late-term abortion due to a medical reason might be necessary. But what about a woman who has displayed a pattern of unwanted pregnancies who waited until the last minute to terminate her pregnancy?

Perhaps the woman’s history isn’t  as much a factor as her willingness to wait until the last days of a pregnancy, purchase an illegal drug from overseas, give birth to a deceased full-term baby and bury it on her own, while concealing the entire incident.

Should Catt have been sentenced to 8 years in jail? Does it matter that she has has abortions before, tried to have another late abortion and given away a child for adoption? In your opinion, when is late just too late?

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