Broadcasting Funerals Live Online: Easing a Burden For Families or Crossing A Line? (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Flickr - NZ Defence Force, Funeral for Cpl Doug Grant

I’ve always considered funerals to be a very personal, private affair.

Emotional.  Draining.  Painful.

Not only for those closest to the deceased, but for everyone witnessing the loss.  But part of the healing, I believe, is the comfort of knowing you are surrounded by people who care.  But now, many funeral homes are starting to broadcast funerals LIVE online.  Yes, they are still ‘private’ events – meaning they are password protected, but does this mean people will stop showing up in person to pay respects?

The idea, naturally, is to make the service available to friends and family who CAN’T attend, but, by putting it online, does it diminish the reverence owed the person we are supposed to be honoring?




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