Brooke Shields Is Talking to You, Mom


Brooke Shields was once a sex symbol. I know this, perhaps you know this. But your babysitter probably doesn’t. When your babysitter thinks of Brooke Shields, she doesn’t think Calvin Klein jeans (or that PSA poster on the door of the junior high nurse’s office, where Brooke Shields is seductively posed with cigarettes coming out of her ears).

What happened? How? Well, Shields underwent mom-morphosis, says Target Women’s Sarah Haskins. 

Now, I’m a big Sarah Haskins fan, ever since she said what we were all thinking about yogurt. But this time, I don’t know. What’s wrong with the mom-morphosis? It’s OK to have kids. It’s OK to hang up your tight jeans. Not saying you have to, but it’s OK if you want to.

Of course, if Haskins’s point is that Brooke Shields is frickin’ everywhere, then I’m totally on board. What’s going on? Does Shields fear her time on the big and small screens is almost over? I mean, why Tupperware? What’s next, yogurt endorsements?

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