Bryan Masche Arrested

Bryan Masche
Bryan Masche arrested for threatening domestic violence

The dad from WE TV’s “Raising Sextuplets”, Bryan Masche has been arrested in Arizona for throwing a Daddy-sized temper tantrum.

Masche was booked on charges of resisting arrest, threatening domestic violence and and disorderly conduct. Someone called the police after he “allegedly lost his temper and began yelling obscenities and threatening his family”.

Woah. This dude is making Jon Gosselin look like a candidate for Dad of the Year.

Last month, Jenny and Bryan shared their secrets to staying sane with Babble. Guess Bryan needs a refresher course on this one himself.

At this point, reality-TV families having explosive meltdowns in public as almost old hat. But a father threatening his wife in front of their children is serious. These people are a real family, not just a TV drama. It seems as if they forget that themselves sometimes.

Or  maybe it’s the pressure of living on TV that’s making these folks boil over?

What do you think? And what should happen now? To their show, to their marriage?

My advice (that no one will listen to): turn the cameras off and get thee to a therapists office. Your family is worth more than your fame.

Photo: WE TV