Bueller? School Reports Every Child Absent, Parents Freak


ferris-bueller-matthew-broderick-ccMartin Middle School in West Tennessee has a new absence reporting system.  When a student is marked absent, the system automatically phones their parents at 9 a.m.

But last Wednesday, every parent in the school received that phone call after the system reported all 475 students in the school absent.At least 20 parents arrived at the school, while the office fielded dozens of phone calls from parents who alarmed that their children weren’t where they were supposed to be.

A second phone call reporting the error went out to parents, and eventually things got sorted out.  Principal Nate Holmes said that the new phone system isn’t “user-friendly,” an understatement that made me laugh out loud.

Getting a call that your child isn’t in school — even though you just dropped them off their — has to be anxiety-inducing.  But since these were middle school kids, I wonder how many parents though their kids were pulling a Ferris Bueller.