Bugaboo "Bee" Strollers Have Faulty Brake


image_galleryParents who own a Bugaboo “Bee” stroller manufactured before March 2009 may want to contact the company about a repair kit.  Telegraph is reporting that the strollers have had a known safety issue that customers are just know being made aware of.

The issue lies in the brake, which can wear out over time and stop working.  While no one has been hurt by the flaw, five parents have reported brake failure on both wheels, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

If you’ve got a “Bee,” Bugaboo suggests that you contact the company to request a repair kit that will prevent the brake from failing.

According to a statement on their website, those who registered their warranty before May 1, 2009 will be sent a kit automatically.  If you have not registered your warranty or don’t receive a kit, you can fill out this form requesting they send one to you.



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