Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Has Heart of Gold, Starts Her Own Foundation


Is it dusty in here? Is someone chopping onions? Okay, fine. I’m feeling a bit weepy after watching a video just released by Karen Klein, the 68-year-old grandmother who made headlines after she was bullied by children on the bus she was monitoring. The kids taunted her mercilessly, even blaming her for her son’s suicide, but Klein endured it calmly.

The video of the incident quickly went viral sparking public outrage and eventually led to the creation of a fundraiser aimed at raising money to enable Klein to take a vacation. The outpouring of support for Klein was astounding and the fund raised over $700,000, leaving her with enough to not only vacation but to retire and care for her family.

Klein could have pocketed the money and faded into the background and no one would have blamed her, but instead she is so inspired by the love and kindness of strangers she has chosen to pay it forward. With a little help from the folks at, Klein has created the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.

Funds raised by the foundation will be used to provide anti-bullying counseling in schools, fund classroom initiatives to educate children about bullying, and support other organizations that aim to spread awareness of bullying. In order to raise money the foundation is launching a music tour they call the No Bully Tour 2012.

So often stories of bullying lead to tragedy. It is nice to see someone take their experience and turn it into a positive. Klein is using $100,000 of the money donated by strangers to seed the foundation.

You can check out her touching video on the foundation below.


Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation Promo from PaintBox Labs on Vimeo.


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