Burglars Pause to Heat Bottle for Crying Baby


baby-bottleIt was either the holiday spirit or two robbers really wanted a crying baby to shut up. They stopped midway through an armed robbery to heat up the baby’s bottle.

Then they untied the family’s teenage son so he could feed the baby.

The two men strong-armed their way into the Indianapolis home with a shotgun in the middle of the day, immediately tying up the two adults and teenage boy. One man in the house was pistol-whipped and knocked out cold. But when the infant started crying, WishTV reports dad Ronnell Griffie pleaded with the robbers to feed her child.

So they popped a bottle in the microwave and let Griffie’s eldest do the deed.

Then they left – and Griffie,  his two sons and friend Morgan Adams are no worse for the wear. But they’re completely confused.

Wish reporters are calling it surprising tenderness. Call me a cynic, but maybe they were just worried someone would call the cops if the baby was left to scream for hours?

Image: lunchbox photography via flickr

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